Thursday, July 28, 2011

Speaking of Scrapping Green.....

I am finally getting caught up on my scrapbooking!  Usually, I buy pictures in smaller bunches, but since shipping costs are so high, I wait until I get a huge batch of photos, then I order a huge pile at once.  So, I was still working on my previous batch of photos starting from Christmas (I know, I know, I'm so behind!!!) through early spring.  I am catching my second batch up, which I will probably order later in the fall.

Organization, that's how I do it in case you were wondering.  As soon as I get pictures in, I can't help but look.  So, while I am thumbing through the pictures to see how they turned out (gawking actually) I go ahead and separate them out for what pages they are going on.  That's the first LARGEST hurdle with scrapbooking.  Figuring out what each page is going to be about.  I tend to keep the theme about what the pictures are about.  Like I said, I am very adament about taking pictures of everything, a camerholic I guess :).

Here are some of the pages I completed last night:

Caden at the "Airplane Store" or the Udvar-Hazy Air/Space Museum:

Caden Playing Soccer:

Caden on Daddy's motorcycle (it was still, I promise):

Flying Kites:

Some items I did differently today?  With the kite photo, I actually had to make the kite!!  Apparently, kites aren't cool anymore and you cannot find stickers or any other sort of scrapbooking thing about flying kites.  At least making a kite was pretty easy with some simple paper (diamond shape) and some ribbon.  I used the kite as my comment section, so double usage!  With the motorcycle page, I found some scrap paper from another kit, and I chopped the edges of one side to make it look jagged.  I think it goes well with the "crazykid" theme.

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