Sunday, May 27, 2012

...And a Caterpillar on My Hat

My son was a part of one of the cutest plays I have ever seen!  I may post the play up at some point.  The play was about the marriage of Q and U.  Where Q and U are getting married for the rest of time, and each child gave a gift of a letter of the alphabet.  Caden was  the gifter of the letter "C".  His lines were:

C is for Coat
C is for Cat
C is for Caterpillar on my Hat.

So, we got creative.  For his costume, we made him a letter C shirt as well as a hat with a caterpillar on it.

I will post later about the shirt, but that was the easiest thing to make in the universe.

But for the hat, which is also super easy to make.

A blank hat of any color with a brim that fits your child well.
1" diameter pompoms any color.
1 brightly colored pipe cleaner, any color.
2 googly eyes
Fabric Glue

1. Order the pompoms in the order you want to glue them.
2. Take the first pompom and use the fabric glue to glue on two eyes.  Let that dry a few moments.
3. Proceed to glue all of the pompoms onto the top edge of the brim of hat.  You will use a lot of glue to get this done, so don't be skimpy.  It dries clear.  Let that dry a while.
4.  Check that your pompoms are glued on by giving them a slight tug.  If any come off easily, reglue where it is and let it set.
5.  Lastly, cut the pipe cleaner in half.  These are your antennas.  Wrap an end of each half around your finger.  Make sure you wrap them in opposite directions (for each side).

Your end result should look like this:.

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