Friday, June 22, 2012


Banners are the easiest thing in the world to make....and they are all the rage right now.  You can use banners just about anywhere too :).  On cards, as party decor, as part of a cake name it!

I recently made a banner for daddy's Father's Day/Birthday cupcakes.

What you will need:
String (thinner is better)
Cardstock (scraps work great for smaller banners)
Glue or double sided tape
Sticks (or straws)...if needed.

How to:
1. Organize the cardstock prints you'd like to use.  Make sure that the colors match and make sense, especially if you decide to add lettering.
2. On a piece of scrap cardstock, create a diamonds shaped paper (this you will use for a stencil).
3. Using your stencil that you made, make outlines on the cardstock pages that you chose.
4. Cut out the diamond shapes, ensuring you have precise edges.
5.  Fold each piece in half shortways to make a triangle.  I was able to fold them right over the string I was using.
6. With your adhesive choice (glue or double sided tape) stick the insides of the pieces of paper together to hold your triangle folded in half.
7.  Embellish each part of the banner with letters.
8. Hang your banner across from two opposite points.

Below, I used drinking straws to mount the two sides.

Here's an example :)

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