Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun with Envelopes.

Envelopes....you know, those boring things you use to put other things in to "safely" send them to another person.  You check your mail and you have a love/hate relationship with these artfully folded pieces of paper.  Sometimes, goodies are contained in them.  Birthdays and holidays you see a drastic influx of these types.  Sometimes they aren't so much fun and you get bills in them.  Typically, you have your "rounds" each month of these pesky boogers.  But most times, its junk.  A credit card you are pre-approved for (until you apply, and then you are no longer approved), some agency that wants more money for some reason, or coupons for products/services that you don't even use.

But all is not lost for envelopes and their beautiful holding power.  In fact, let's make them even more beautiful by combining envelopes together... because we all know if you think one thing is awesome, then many of that thing is just that much more awesome, right?

Ok, enough with the epithet, now for the true fun.

So, what does everyone love for thier Birthday?  Presents and cards, right?  How about sending a person multiple cards at the same time....yeah, now we are on to something.

I got the idea from Pinterest (yet again) and this is the main jist of the project:

But, I did things differently to make this totally my own.  This is for a present for a family member (you are getting this pretty soon, so watch out).

Poem I used:
A boost to wake you up.
A treat to make your day.
Another way to keep in touch.
Something for you to share today.
A little something for you.
On your Birthday :).

6 envelopes.  Same size (could be different colors)
cardstock- different colors cut to fit into envelopes
items to put into envelopes

Lay all enveoples in a train with insert side facing out and flap facing upwards.  Glue each flap to the back of the envelope sitting above it.  When you get to the last envelope, either glue the last flap over the backside or  carefully cut off.

Create your cardstock cards.  Cut each peice of cardstock to fit inside each envelope.  Write the "blurb" on the top of each peice of paper.  When inserted, you shoudl only see that portion of the poem, while most of the card is inside the envelope.

Insert the goodies.  For mine, I grabbed a Starbucks Via packet, Mickey Mouse Stickers, stamps, gift card, recipe and a handmade card for the last envelope.  Load those into the proper slots.

Fold the envelope train so that if tolds accordion style.  Put some sort of embellishment on the front (because it will not be overt which side is up).

Wrap with a ribbon and a bow :).

Here's how mine turned out:

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