Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm back!

I am so sorry for having such a hiatus!  I have been one BUSY mommy!  So, the latest on me?  I have actually done a ton of crafting and cooking....just not related to my computer :/

October was quite busy for me, as we were prepping for Leo.  Worse was that I was having more complications (Leo wasn't growing properly in utero) so we were, yet again, bracing for the worst.  My job was really stressful to say the least and that didn't help at all.

But, on November 2nd, water broke.  So, off we shipped to the hospital, and we introduced Leo to the world.  He is our pride and joy, and with all we went through with him, he provides such a brand new perspective of life :).

He was born November 3, 2011 weighing at only 5 lbs 6 oz after 5 hours of hard labor and a c-section.  I KNEW he wasn't growing right despite what the ultrasonographer was suggesting.  He was small, but he was mighty :).

We were able to bring him home a whole day early :).  He is doing extremely well :).  Caden had adjusted like a champ as well and is really happy about helping out.  He thinks Leo is "so cute" and calls him "our baby".

But we all decided to get sick again and again.  Caden got sick first with RSV, and then the rest of us caught it, including Leo :/.  Caden ended up pretty sick with another asthma attack that caused a lung collapse.  Leo got so sick that he was hospitalized for repiratory distress after turning blue at the doctor's office.  And I have had my fair share of asthma attacks in the last few weeks.  THEN...we all got the worst stomache bug!  We all spent a day in the was horrible.

But hopefully the sickies are over with.  I went back to work at the end of January and I have been going very strong ever since :P.  In fact, I have managed a promotion since I have returned.  I am rather excited about it, as I will be working with the Chief Investment Officer.

So, I am excited to say I am loving being back in the swing of things :).  So, watch me now as I post at least once a week (that's my goal) with something from my craft tables OR my kitchen (or if I am really  feeling snooty....both :)).

So with no further I go :)

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