Thursday, February 23, 2012

2013 Calendar Project: January

We all love photobooks, don't we.  Its an easy-peasy way to give everyone in the family a nice little momento of what the kids were up to over the last year :).  Grandparents LOVE these things :).

This year, I am making a total spin on the subject.  I am making a calendar book, but interesting.  I am having the kids (or whatever is important) pose for a picture each month.   The background has some sort of importance for that particular month, something big that happened.  In the background of that picture, I am placing a sign of the month.  So, there's a January sign in the background of the January picture.  Here's an example:

So, SIL, you will see that I absolutely totally stole your holiday card idea :) :).  Hope you don't mind.  You are absolutely more than welcome to steal my idea :P.  The sign is made from crafting paper of variuos colors (I traced backwards and cut out the letters and double-side taped it to the other papers).  They are held together with ribbon that I used to tie the sign onto the bed above.

So, for January, the important item was that Caden got a HUGE bed :).  He was outgrowing his toddler bed (by a long shot) so we got him a twin over twin bunk bed.  We finally put it together.  The top bunk is for Caden and the bottom is for Leo (Caden said that himself).

We are going to do this each month in 2012, to make a calendar for 2013 :).  Will update with what I'm doing for February.  I am totalyl excited about this one because it includes Caden is an adorable way :) :)

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