Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest and Popcorn: Sounds like a lovely evening!

So, I have found the lovlieness that is Pinterest.  I have heard of the website around the office, and apparently it was the next "Twitter" or "Facebook".  Not being one that really gets involved with these types of website, I didn't have the need to "check-it-out".

But, some of my crafting friends have talked about it, which in turn peaked my interest (pun intended).  I then signed up for an account and I must say....what a great way to find random things to do :).  If you aren't sure about what craft you would like to do next, then Pinterest is your friend.  Although, you will end up spending way more time there than you anticipated going "OOO, I want to do that.."

Alton Brown Popcorn
My first Pinterest idea is for popcorn.  Since I am allergic to milk, you would not believe how hard it is to find flavored popcorn!  They all have some sort of butter concoction on them.  Besides, have you read the recent studies that suggest that children eating popcorn from the microwaveable packages can reduce the effectiveness of vaccines!  So, any way to avoid that as much as possible.  I am going to make my own popcorn (as I have done for many things actually as a result of our allergies).   I am going to replace the peanut oil (peanut allergies) with a high-heat oil I have from Whole Foods.  That should taste totally yummy :).

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