Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prepping for Easter (Pt 1: Carrots)

So, I have decided for Easter to make my family some cute little things.  Since there are a whole pile of kids in the family now, it just seemed easiest :).  And with kids with food allergies, you actually try to find ways to make food holidays easier by eliminating the food part.  So, figured some stuffies would be fantastic.  So, I found this cute adorable tutorial online to make carrots here. 

Now, I totally made some of my own rules up on this one.  First of all, I chose fabrics with some pretty neat patterns. I didn't want to go for the total orange and green.  I followed the instructions to the T when cutting and sewing the pieces.  But once together, I went a different route.  Instead of tacking (which I am awful at) I sewed flat the leaf pieces to the top of the carrot part after stuffing.  I did a triple round for those to ensure it was nice and tight.  And to hide my hem, I tied some cute bows with some extra ribbon  I had on hand :).  Here's how mine turned out.

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