Saturday, June 2, 2012

Father's Day: Something Special

There's nothing like sending dads and granddads something precious from the little ones.  Its even better when its completely original.  And what does grandparents like more than anything?  Pictures of the grandkids :).

So, how do you go about original photos?  I have found a very nice way to pose the children nicely, but also add in a spark of flavor that is totally them.

"We love grandpa, dad, etc. because..."

And then you ask the children this and see what they have to say.  Here's what my lil Caden had to say about some of his grandparents.

"I love Grandpa because you share your oreos with me"  "Also, you share you jellybeans"

Leo was too small (6 months old) so we decided to culminate him.

"I love Grandpa because he tickles me and makes me giggle".  Which is totally true of anyone he meets :).

You add in some scrapbooking skills and this is what you come out with:

And here's where I got the idea: 

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