Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hamburger Helper: A healthy alternative

As we all know, those pesky processed foods have a bad rap...and for good reason.  They are filled with preservatives, fillers and many ingredients that I cannot pronounce, let alone understand why they are a part of the meal anyhow?  As a result, my family has gone all natural or organic. Besides, if you are an allergic family like mine, these packaged foods are usually on the "no-no" list anyway.  But does that mean that we cannot bank in on the super easy dinner night?  ABSOLUTELY NOT :).

So, you want Hamburger Helper tonight because Jimmy has swimming lessons and Janey has piano.  There isn't as much time for your normal well-prepared entree, and we all know fast food is just not an option.  Well, here ya go sista:

Hamburger Helper

1 lb. ground beef
1 pkg. onion soup dry mix
1 sm. can beef broth
6 oz. noodles
1 can water
Brown ground beef and soup mix together. Drain off fat. Add all other ingredients and cook until noodles are tender. 

Yep, if you notice, this is probably easier than the boxed Hamburger Helper.  And because of the dry onion soup mix, it is FILLED with flavor.  I like this meal so much, I actually take leftovers to work with me (that's saying something).  Takes maybe 15 minutes to cook, too :).

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