Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bows made easy-peasy

You know how it realize at 9pm on Thursday night that your child has a friend with a birthday party Friday right after school!  You are really pressed for materials.  Say you already have the present (go you), but now you need to make it look pretty.

1. Find any good looking wrapping paper.  Kids aren't picky :).
2. Make a cute bow on top.

This tutorial is really easy and even if you mess up, it still looks fantastic!

Here's the lowdown in a few easy steps :).

1. Leave some extra wrapping paper that you may have.  Any size will do if its at least 6 inches wide and 8-10 inches tall..... doesn't have to be perfect  or straight by any means.
2. Fold your paper one way sandwhich style.  Fold it again the opposite direction.
3. Cute along the side where the pages are connected.
4. Cut half inch strips (or so) along the bottom up to almost the top.  Leave just a little bit at the top.
5. Take your scissors and turn to the side.  You want to curl them the same way you curl balloon string.  You may accidentally cut off some of the peices....that's a-ok.
6. When you have curled all 4 sides, fold upon itself until the bottom is about an inch wide.
7.  Tape down onto your present :)

Here's a photo of how it looks:

Here's the tutorial from the original poster in case you wanted it...complete with pictures along the way :)

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