Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lunch Epiphany

School is starting soon and my biggest little guy is going to KINDERGARTEN!

On the one hand I am so excited for my big boy.  Its a big milestone that he has reached.  He's emotionally ready, socially a leader, physically a football player (or the like) and academically on fire :).

On the other hand I am a bit apprehensive.  Possibly more apprehensive than the normal parent.....all because of his food allergies :/.  They are hard to avoid and its even harder to find good lunches that are  good, satisfying and lunch-able (meaning, cooled with an ice pack and no chance of a microwave).

So, I had to do some digging.  He's been in preschool, but I had the luxury of a fridge and a microwave, so packing some leftovers was super easy........not anymore :/.

Break away from the common sandwich!  Poor kid can't eat sandwhiches everyday :).  In fact, many types of sandwiches are off-lines for him......and honestly he doesn't care for other sandwiches, what's a mom to do?

I had to RE-think lunch.  What are the basic "needs" of a lunch?  Well, you need a grain, protein source, fruit, vegetable, liquid and a treat (because he's sweet).  Well, who says that his "protein" can't be his "treat"?  And who says that his protein must come only from meat sources?

So, here's what I'm thinking.....why not have his protein source be.....yogurt?  or sunbutter?  or cheese? I know, I'm missing beans aren't I?  Well, dagonit....he's ALLERGIC to beans LOL.  Otherwise, we'd have him with some edamame, chili, you name it :).

Here's what I've got planned for his first week:

Tuesday: Ham/cheese/bread mixup (skewers if you feel he's safe enough to have sticks, grapes, carrots, goldfish, chocolate milk and a fruit snack package.

Wednesday: Bagel with cream cheese, banana, celery with ranch, chocolate bunnies, jello and juice box.

Thursday: Annie's Star Pasta (in a Funtainer), applesauce, salad with ranch, fruit/veggie smoothie, oreos, and gatordate.

Friday: Pasta salad with olive oil, raisins, cauliflower, handisnacks with cheese, yogurt with chocolate chips, water.

For more fabulous tips for school lunches, visit or better yet....grab a menu from your local school.  At least that will give you some ideas :).

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