Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reindeer Food

I was tasked with making Reindeer Food for my son's PTA.  They are hosting a holiday store, but what a cute and adorable craft you can do at home with any child.  Its easy and it probably includes ingredients you already have on hand :).  I made 24 of these baggies, so I had to bulk up on ingredients :).

1/2 c. oats (plain)
1/2 c. sugar (white)
1/4 c. green and red sugar crystals
Sandwich baggie

Put all ingredients into baggie.  To shake, hold the baggie by the zipper top and bop the bottom around (so you don't have accidental leakage) until all ingredients are well mixed together.

In the past, people have used glitter for the shiny colored part.  It is advised that you no longer use glitter as small animals do eat it and the glitter is known to cause problems in their tummies.

Here are the full instructions as well as free printables:

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