Saturday, December 1, 2012

Melted Snowmen

This is one of the cutest and simplest ornament projects I've ever worked on.  This is a great project to do with a little bit older child (5-8 years old or so) as it does involve a hot glue gun.  It was very easy though and really hones in on those fine motor skills :)

I got the project idea from:


Hot glue gun
Plenty of glue sticks for glue gun
Tons of black glass beads (the very small ones)
Orange glass beads (the very small ones)
A cookie tin
Aluminum Foil


Plug in your glue gun with a glue stick in it to preheat it.

Wrap your cookie tin with some Aluminum foil.  It will make dislodging your completed snowmen much easier.

Count 2 black beads and place them on the cookie tin as the eyes.  Grab an orange bead and place as the nose.  Then take 5-6 black beads and form a mouth.

Tie a 5-6 inch peice of string to form a circle.  Fold one side of the circle and hold in place (I did this with my hands).

Get the glue gun ready and squirt glue all over the face.  Ensure that you are also including the string as this becomes your ornament string.  Fill in the face completely in the general shape of a circle.

Allow snowmen to dry.  Once they are dry, tear off the aluminum foil around your snowmen.  Then slowly and carefully peel the aluminum from behind your snowman (mine just peeled off pretty easily).

Viola :)

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