Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm Treats

So, what in the world is one to do with 4 CUPS of roasted pumpkin seeds?  Find your nearest baby for this one :).  I jarred some of them up and will pass them out to the adults in our neighborhood.  Figured they would appreciate the healthy snack over the kiddy candy anyway :)

Find or keep some small (stage 1 or 2) glass baby food jars.  Clean them out well.  I used hot soapy water to get the paper labels off well.  Then Goo Gone to get the glue itself off.  I couldn't get the big spots of glue off, but it won't be that noticeable.  Clean them again with soapy water and dry very well.

Load in the seeds.

I had some pumpkin fabric on hand, but you can use any fabric that's orange or otherwise Halloween themed.  Cut the fabric into 4 inch squares.

I also used my tag punch to make some tags for my bottles.

Next, find some twine, string, or balloon string to wrap around it, cut 12 inch srings (for however many jars you have).

I taped the sides of the fabric down to the side of the jar.  I pre-knotted the string and wrapped it around the jar, and pulled tight as I nudged the string to tighten into the spot beneath the lip of the jar lid (where the jar is at its smallest diameter).  I pulled tightly and tied the knot.

I then wrote a message on my tags, and tied them into the string that was sticking out.   I tied that into a bow :).

You can use this technique for many things, like hot cocoa for Christmas or candy hearts for Valentine's.  Looks really neat and reuses baby food jars :).

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