Friday, November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Themed Birthday Card

If there is one thing I love - its Fall.  The leaves changing colors, the pumpkin spice scented candles, the slightly cooler weather that's such a nice break from the heat of summer before the chill of winter.

Now you can share the love of Fall colors for those with October/November birthdays!  Below is a birthday card I made for my little nephew turning One soon.

How to make a card like this?  Simple!!

You'll need:

  • White card base
  • Leaf die cutter or stickers (I used Creative Memories Leaf die cutter)
  • Fall colored stock paper (Fall colors like yellow, red and browns)
  • Fall themed sticker (I chose a moose, could be anything Fall related)
  • Happy Birthday sticker or stamp
  • Adhesive for paper
  • 3D Adhesive squares
  • Paper Trimmer

  • Using your die cutter (if you have one), make leaves from different colored paper
  • Using your 3D adhesive  squares, afix leaves to the edge (either bottom or right side) forming a border
  • Using your paper trimmer and coordinating paper colors, make a rectangle.  
  • Within that rectangle, afix Fall themed sticker or use another Fall-themed die cut.
  • On the other side of your embellishment, either stick or stamp a coordinating Happy Birthday.
  • Using your paper trimmer again, trim another piece of coordinating paper that is just a few centimeters wider on all sides than your Happy Birthday paper.
  • Using your regular favorite scrapbooking adhesive, afix embellished Happy Birthday paper onto the larger page.  Together, it should look like your Happy Birthday page is bordered.
  • Afix the above squarely onto your white card base!
  • Write a lovely note on the inside!
You could really use this template for just about any card.  It's simple, and with nice embellishments and card stock found at any craft store, you can create a card with any theme.

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!!

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